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What if I go to Court for my traffic ticket?

If you go to court, you may NOT use this website to pay your traffic ticket. Additionally, a judge may adjudicate you guilty, assess points, fine you up to $1000, require you to attend traffic school, or all of the above. And, your insurance rates may go up and your policy may be cancelled.

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A. Click Here to Pay Ticket and sign-up for Traffic School

(Recommended Choice)

Traffic School Benefits for people who receive Florida traffic tickets:

  1. Your insurance rates can NOT go up and your policy can NOT be cancelled unless you were at fault in a crash.
  2. NO POINTS will be added to your driver's license record.
  3. Your Safe Driver status is maintained if applicable.
  4. The 4-hour course is available online, by DVD/Video, or in a Classroom.
  5. You may become a safer driver.

B. Click Here to Pay your Florida traffic Ticket if you've already signed up for Traffic School

C. Click Here to Pay Ticket if you do NOT want Traffic School

(Consumer Alert: Points WILL be assessed. Read below.)

I understand that by selecting this option, points will be assessed on my drivers license. If the number of points within a defined time period exceeds those provided by Florida Statute, my license will be suspended. Additionally, I understand my insurance rates may go up or my policy may be cancelled. Also, I understand that I CAN NOT elect the traffic school option after paying my traffic ticket by choosing this option.

Got a Traffic Ticket?

Getting a traffic ticket isn't an experience that people usually enjoy. However, last year there were over 6 million crashes in our country resulting in almost 3 million injuries and over 42,000 fatalities. In fact, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for those between 2 and 33 years old. Clearly, traffic law enforcement is something that must be done to keep our roads safe for everyone to enjoy. Can you imagine what the highways would be like without traffic law enforcement?

Fortunately, paying a traffic ticket online just got a lot easier thanks to Government Online Services Corporation and local and county governments who now provide methods to pay traffic tickets online.

While not all governmental entities provide a way to pay a ticket online, the number is growing on a daily basis. In Florida, for example, almost 85% of the Florida Clerk of Court offices provide this service online if you're not fighting a traffic ticket. In Texas, both Dallas and Houston provide for online payments.

To pay your traffic ticket online, simply select the option that you want from the list above and you will be taken to the appropriate online traffic ticket payment screen. If the county or municipality that you received a ticket in does not provide a method to pay traffic, parking, or speeding tickets online, and/or online traffic school elections, you will be provided with that entity's contact information including telephone number, office hours, and address.

Which Option Should I Take?

The choice is up to you. But as you can see from the list above, traffic schools provide a number of mandatory benefits and was developed so that drivers could elect driver improvement or defensive driver training following a ticket event through a number of incentives and become better, safer drivers.

For example, in Florida, insurance companies may raise rates or even cancel policies as a result of traffic citations, so completing the traffic school option provides statutory protection. In fact, adjudication of guilt is completely withheld and no points are assessed on your driving record. And whether you choose online traffic school or video traffic school, it is much more convenient than the old days when you had to sit in a classroom for 4 hours. In fact, by taking traffic school online, you can sign on and off as many times as you like. The software automatically keeps track of where you are in the traffic school program.

If you need more information on traffic school, please contact our sponsor, Lowest Price Traffic School, at 1-800-729-1997.

What if I go to Court?

If you go to court and decide to try to beat your traffic ticket, you may NOT use this website to pay your ticket. Additionally, a judge may adjudicate you guilty, assess points, fine you up to $1000, require you to attend traffic school, or all of the above. And, your insurance rates may go up and your policy may be cancelled.

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