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What if I go to Court for my traffic ticket?

You cannot pay for your traffic ticket on this website if you elect to go to court.

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Don't stand in line ... pay online!
It's easy. Just click A, B, or C!

A. Click here to take a Driver Safety Course if you have already received approval from your local court.

You may require that your ticket be dismissed by successfully completing a driving safety course. You will lose that right if you do not provide the issuing authority with notice of your request to take the course on or before your appearance date.

B. Click here for contact information for your town, city, or county.

C. Click here to pay ticket if you do not want traffic school.

Note: If you pay your ticket online you waive your right to take a Driving Safety Course (DSC).

Got a Traffic Ticket?

Getting a traffic ticket isn't an experience that people usually enjoy. However, last year there were over 6 million crashes in our country resulting in almost 3 million injuries and over 42,000 fatalities. In fact, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for those between 2 and 33 years old. Clearly, traffic law enforcement is something that must be done to keep our roads safe for everyone to enjoy. Can you imagine what the highways would be like without traffic law enforcement?

Fortunately, paying a traffic ticket just got a lot easier thanks to Government Online Services Corporation and local and county governments who now provide for online traffic ticket payments.

While not all governmental entities provide for online payments, the number is growing on a daily basis. . In Texas, for example, nearly 300 towns, cities and counties provide for online payments.

To pay your traffic ticket online, sign up for traffic school online, or get contact information from your local issuing authority, simply select the option that you want from the list above and you will be taken to the appropriate screen. If the county or municipality that you received a ticket in does not provide for online payments and/or online traffic school elections, you will be provided with that entity's contact information including telephone number, office hours, and address.

For answers to more Texas Traffic Ticket questions, please see our Texas Traffic Ticket FAQ.

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